SIMATIC S7 Service training 2

Description / learning objective:

In the second part of the SIMATIC service training, one builds on the knowledge obtained in the first foundational course concerning STEP 7, operation and observation system, drive components and PROFIBUS DP, and extends in the direction of fault detection. The emphasis of this course lies on rectification of faults, software fault detection and program adjustments. Your theoretically learned knowledge will be intensified through numerous practical exercises on a SIMATIC installation model. This consists of an automation system S7-300, a decentralized periphery ET200S, touch panel TP 177B, drive Micromaster 420 and a conveyor model. With the knowledge of the integrated production automation, you will see your installation in its entirety and you will understand the interaction of the individual components. Therefore, after the course you will master the targeted, systematic and quick finding and rectifying of faults. This way you will enhance the productivity of the machine, as downtime will be reduced. You can adapt your installation through small program changes and extensions based on new conditions.


  • Recognizing and rectifying fundamental hardware faults
  • Application possibilities of different component types (FC, FB, OB, DB)
  • Principles of the analogue processing
  • Using the STEP 7 software for the detection and rectification of faults
  • Recognizing and rectifying software faults
  • Starting decentralized periphery at PROFIBUS DP
  • Changing TP177B projecting
  • Changing parameters of the MM420
  • Procedure control


In this course you will work with the SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.x software.
This is the second one of two courses, which will prepare you for the graduation as "Siemens certified SIMATIC technician (CP-FAST1)".
This is the second one of three courses, which will prepare you for the graduation as "Siemens certified SIMATIC technician / evening training (CP-FAST2)".
Both tests are modules of the "SITRAIN Certification Program".