Sinamics DCM Cabinet 6RM80

Unitechnik Automatisierungs GmbH has taken over the Sinamics DCM Cabinet 6RM80 product range from Siemens: the control cabinets are used to control DC drives in large-scale plants. DC drive technology is, for example, used in rolling mills, winder and rolling drives, freight elevators, or stirring coils in a vacuum. The DC motor is characterized by a high level of availability and efficiency. Standardized communication interfaces ensure the fast and easy integration of the converter cabinets into new and existing systems.

The Sinamics DC Master 6RA80 product series ("Sinamics DCM") by Siemens is used as a converter. The ready-to-connect converter cabinets are not ready-made products - they are unique, project-specific models. The EMC zone concept ensures an interference-free operation of the cabinets through separate cable routing and smart component placement. Interior sensors monitor the temperature in real time and prevent failures caused by overheating. Electrical components can quickly be replaced with minimal downtimes due to the excellent accessibility of the individual components.

Advantages of the Sinamics DCM Cabinets 6RM80:

    • Fast, customized adaptability due to the modular principle
    • Interference resistance due to EMC zone concept
    • A proven and type-tested component structure
    • Compact design
    • Standardized communications interface
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Electrical engineering design with EPLAN P8
    • Mains voltage from 3 AC 380 V to 3 AC 950 V
    • Converter Sinamics DC Master 6RA80 in the range from 6 kW to 2,500 kW
    • Custom models upon request

    DC-Antriebsschränke/DC-Cabinets, Schaltanlagenbau


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