Scenery Warehouse for Opera Oslo

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The new opera house in Oslo, built like the Sydney Opera House directly on the harbour, rates as Norway‘s largest cultural project of the post-war years.

A special feature of the opera house in logistical terms is the fact that the props and stage sets are not stored in the opera house itself but 16 km away. To this end a 25 m high and 115 m long high bay warehouse was constructed in an existing building. Special 9.20 m x 2.30 m large pallets are used to carry the items. An automatic stacker crane stores the pallets on 6 levels. In total 244 storage places are available.

Transportation between the warehouse and the opera house is carried out with special trucks. The truck trailers are fitted with a conveying and safety system which enables each pallet to be moved automatically from the rack compartment up to and into the trailer. In other words the truck trailers represent a conveying device in two senses. Having arrived at the opera house, the pallets are unloaded and placed on flat carriages. With the aid of these the pallets are then drawn to the stage.

Scope of Unitechnik contribution:

Control technology:

  • PLC Simatic S7-400
  • Profibus-DP / Ethernet

Warehouse management System:

  • UniWare for the materials flow and warehouse management
  • System visualization
  • Control cabinet construction
  • installation
  • commissioning and training

General Contractor:

ICM Airport Technics GmbH
(Unitechnik Group)


Completion: 2008

PDF Reference Sheet

Unitechnik Cas Study Oper Oslo


Case Study - Den Norske Opera & Ballett

Den Norske Opera & Ballett
Kirsten Flagstads plass 1
0150 Oslo

Key data

Loading devices:

  • Special paletts: 9,20 x 2,30 x 2,80 m
  • 3-side closed

High bay warehouse:

  • 25 m high
  • 115 m long
  • 6 levels
  • 244 Positions
  • 1 Automatic stacker crane

Conveyor System:

  • Handover deck for trucks with levelling function
  • ID-deck with shape control
  • Turning deck

Transport with trucks:

  • 2 Trailer with integrated conveyor system
  • 16 km driving distance


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