Intelligent transport systems for optimal material flow

A transport technique developed by Unitechnik ensures efficient material flow in your logistics center. In an ideal way it connects the function areas goods input, storage, order picking, packaging and loading area, and goods output with one another. Intelligent, reliable and route optimized. The advanced process knowledge of the Unitechnik engineers is the basis for a systematic transport technique.

A whole range of automated transport systems can be chosen from: chain conveyors, wheel conveyors, belt conveyors, electric monorails, sometimes lifts and elevators. The experts from Unitechnik can determine which transport technique can be used efficiently for your specific material flow. Objectively and manufacturer independently. In this we measure efficiency according to the criteria of energy consumption, transport performance and usage costs.

The selection of the suitable vehicle systems takes place in an equally practiced and process oriented way. Whether route trains, transport systems without driver, or an electric monorail - decisive is the optimization of your material flow. In this, Unitechnik sees the transport technique as part of the whole. Also, we integrate the company own control technique (SPS level) in a total system. The cooperation of UniWare and SPS is our strength - and ultimately to your benefit. As a result the best performances of the transport systems can be realized. As general contractor we care for the total service regarding your transport systems.

Possible transport systems for an automated material flow, are:

  • Chain conveyor
  • Wheel conveyor
  • Belt conveyor
  • Electric monorails
  • Lifts and elevators
  • Transport systems without drivers


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