Europe’s most modern catering operation

Logistics for trolleys, tableware, beverages, …  

Unitechnik was engaged to realize the package of „Logistical Systems“ as a general contractor. The largest sub package is the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for tableware.The equipment cleaned and packed into bins is identified by UniWare picture dialogs at the end of the dish wash machines to 4 charging stations. The bins are automatically transported via lifters and roller conveyors into the ASRS. The adequate retrieval of the tableware is initiated from the food production and the equipment packing. The transport into the food production is executed automatically via lifters and roller conveyors. The retrieval to the equipment packing area is executed automatically via 41 gravity rack lines of the ASRS.

Furthermore, Unitechnik was engaged as a sub contractor to realize the control and material flow system as part of the package „Electrical Monorail System“ (EMS).In the inbound area the arriving trolleys are charged into the EMS. The trolley are discharged and cleaned. Later on, the EMS transports the trolleys to different workstations. Here the charging is executed for the next flight: duty-free-items, blankets, headsets, beverages and of course meals

Scope of Unitechnik contribution:

General contractor for the package
„Logistic Systems“ and Sub contractor for the package
„Electrical Monorail System“

Control technology:
7 Siemens S7-400
EMS-vehicles controllers with distributed
speed - and distance control

Material flow control and planning system:
UniWare with ASRS-inventory administration,
transport planning and control.
Microsoft Cluster Server with Oracle database
13 Industrial-PC’s

System visualization and statistic module
with web-browser-interface
(also for dish wash machines, waste disposal and cooling technology).

Planning of network infrastructure and IT hardware.
Control cabinet construction, installation, commissioning and training


Completion: 2008

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Case Study LSG Sky Chefs


Case Study - LSG Sky Chefs Deutschland