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What is behind the term order picking system?

The so-called picking system is defined by VDI guideline 3590. It is a compilation of certain partial quantities from an assortment based on demand information or orders.

Picking refers to the provision of a partial quantity from the total quantity available in the logistics center. Either according to customer order or for production requirements.

Unitechnik advises on the selection of suitable picking systems. We also ensure that the picking zones are perfectly integrated into your intralogistics processes. Order picking is an integral part of our "UniWare" warehouse management system. The highly developed warehouse management system supports all common picking processes.

There are now a large number of picking systems that can be assigned to one of the two basic principles "goods-to-person" or "person-to-goods". With automated, paperless systems such as "pick-by-voice" and "pick-by-light", for example, error rates are reduced to an absolute minimum. Adapting the picking system to the individual logistics processes of our customers is an important step in our overall projects.





Advantages of a suitable order picking system

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References and case studies for order picking systems

The most important order picking systems at a glance

A light signal indicates the storage compartment and the number of items to be picked. The picker confirms the removal of the ordered quantity from the storage compartment.

usually in conjunction with the "goods-to-person" principle. Several orders are picked at the same time. The light signal indicates the order for which the next article is intended.

is a voice-guided picking system. The picker receives the orders via computer voice over headphones and can also confirm them by voice.

is an innovative special form of order picking. The picker receives the necessary information directly in his field of vision via data goggles. The signals via the glasses guide him to the next position in a route-optimized manner.

Pick by handheld
The order picker calls up his orders on the display of his mobile data capture device, which he holds in his hand. The removal of goods is confirmed by scan.

Pick & pack
is a process in which the picked items are placed directly into the transport packaging. Typical for fast order picking in the mail order business.

Multi-stage picking
The entire order quantity of all orders for a specific processing period is picked at once. Only then is an allocation to the individual orders carried out in a second processing step. Typical for large order volumes such as in e-commerce.

Multi-order picking
Several orders are picked together in one tour. The picker saves time and can work in a route-optimized manner.

Automatic order picking
Order picking can also be fully automated on request, e.g. using robots or automatic machines. The experts at Unitechnik will be happy to advise you.

This is how we plan order picking workstations:

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Virtual Reality zur Arbeitsplatzgestaltung in der Intralogistik
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Worth knowing

Five inspirations ...

The design of the workstations is very important to us. We are convinced that workplace ergonomics have a major impact on the productivity of the logistics center. Our findings should inspire you. We have therefore written them down and would like to make them available to you as a PDF.

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Worauf es bei der Auswahl eines Kommissioniersystems ankommt
Worauf es bei der Auswahl eines Kommissioniersystems ankommt
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