Airport logistics

The Unitechnik Group is expert in material flow solutions at airports.

In the areas of cargo, Unitechnik delivers equipment for handling air cargo. The spectrum reaches from highly automated air cargo terminals to manual solutions for the flexible handling of air cargo containers.

Catering includes the material flow inside flight kitchens, the so-called In-Flight-Catering. Here it is all about transporting the narrow wheel containers through the spacious facility, as well as storing cutlery and crockery.

Planning and realization of an airfreight center for 600.000 t freight per year, partly cooled, autom. high bay warehouse for 1000 ULDs, 4ETVs, man.…

Automatic ULD warehouse for 131 20ft containers 2 stacker cranes 11 lowerable workstations X-Way-Mover for flexible handling

Automatic air cargo warehouse with 132 compartments, up to 20 ft deep import and export on two floors Elevator for ULDs, X-ray facility for ULDs.

Flight kitchen at Incheon Airport near Seoul, Korea. Control technology and visualization for cart transport by electric monorail system

US Air Force Air Cargo Center Fully automated ULD warehouse with 587 bays for 10ft air cargo pallets.

Autom. ULD cargo warehouse with 202 compartments, partially refrigerated, pallet warehouse, 250 m express sorting loop, X-Ray machines for ULDs,…

Fully automated cargo terminal for 600,000 tons of freight per year: automated high-bay warehouse with 730 ULD compartments, 2 ETV's, 4 WTV's, 2 TV's


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