Air cargo handling systems

Under the brand name ACUNIS, Unitechnik Systems and AMOVA combine their know-how in the area of air cargo handling systems. The spectrum ranges from fully-automated air cargo terminals to special vehicles for IATA-compliant handling of ULDs. ACUNIS combines decades of experience of the companies ICM Airport Technics, Unitechnik, SHS, SMS Logistiksysteme, and AMOVA. They profit from more than 40 years of experience in the planning and realization of air cargo terminals.

Turnkey air cargo terminals

You receive all services from one source:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning, including simulation
  • ULD high rack warehouse
  • Racking storage and retrieval vehicles
  • Transfer carriages, transport technique
  • Work stations
  • Cooling technology
  • X-ray systems
  • Control technique
  • Facility visualization
  • Material flow computer
  • Warehouse management system UniWare

Our solutions focus on the operational and economical requirements of the customer. In doing so, we consider both the environmental influences, and also the local requirements. Low energy consumption and low maintenance costs ensure an economic operation of our air cargo facilities.

Our professional project management forms the basis for the project success. A competent project manager will accompany and support you from the planning up to the completion. The subsequent after-sales-support offers you maintenance, spare parts and a 24/7 hotline service with direct remote access to the control and IT systems of the air cargo facility.

Modernization of air cargo handling systems

We are specialists in the modernization of automated logistic systems. The shelves and the transport technique in these facilities are often after many years still in good condition. However, after years the electric equipment and the IT systems are faced with problems. Spare parts are no longer available, the manufacturer's support has been stopped, new hardware components are not compatible.

Unitechnik Systems realizes since decades the process control technique of air cargo facilities and other logistics systems. The modernization of these facilities belongs to the strengths of Unitechnik. Excellent project management and a conscientious quality control ensure short realization periods and a quick restart of the installation. Subject to the customer's need, we modernize the facility during running operation, or as a „Big Bang" in a brief downtime phase of the air cargo handling system.

Flexible terminal equipment

You want to remain flexible with the handling of ULDs and still operate in conformity with the IATA? We offer you vehicles, pallets and work stations. All that you need in order to quickly equip an empty hall for the handling of air cargo containers.

Our highlight in this is the X-mover. It is the only vehicle in the world, which combines all functions for the transport and the handling of ULDs. It replaces the following vehicles:

  • Dolly Dock
  • Truck Dock
  • Transfer Vehicle (TV)
  • Elevating Transfer Vehicle (ETV)
  • Slave Palett Mover
  • Input/Output Station

Please find further details from the data sheet

Automated freight loading

Unitechnik Automatisierungs GmbH has developed a solution for loading ULD containers automatically. This solution is based on a luggage loading robot and is characterized by a patented gripper hand. The robot has been awarded the Innovation Award Berlin/Brandenburg and most recently won a contest of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

Advantages of automated freight loading:

  • Relieving employees from heavy physical labor
  • Cost savings
  • Process safety
  • Automatic tracking
  • 24/7/365 availability

    References and Case-Studies

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